Ocumetics HSC is the sister company of Ocumetics Technology Corp. (OTC). Ocumetics HSC was required to alter its corporate identity in order for OTC to register as a publicly traded company on the TSX-V exchange.


Frequently asked questions.

Q - Where are you located?

A - We are located in British Columbia, Canada.

Q - Do you sell outside of Canada?

A - No, not at this time.

Q - Do I have to create an account before I make a purchase?

A - No, you can purchase our products and check out as a guest.  

Q - How can I contact Ocumetics Health Store?

A - To contact us use the contact form on the "Contact Us" page. Or call during          regular business hours at 1.866.514.5279 PST.

Q - Do you sell gift cards?

A - Not at this time. 

Q - Can I make changes to an order after it has been shipped?

A - No.

Q - What are the shipping rates?

A - Shipping rates are calculated at check-out.

Q - Where do you ship to?

A - Where there are Canada Post locations.  

Q - When will my order be shipped?

A - 2 to 3 days or sooner.

Q - How long will it take to get my order?

A - Depends on your location from our warehouse.

Q - Can I pick up my order in a store location?

A - No, all orders purchased online will be shipped directly to you.

Q - Are there any retail locations that sell your products?

A - Yes, you can get a list of the retail locations on our website at                                www.ocumeticshealth.com

Q -  Why the name change?

A -  Ocumetics HSC is the sister company to Ocumetics Technology                          Corporation, which was registered as a publicly traded company on the                TSX-V exchange to comply with the TSX-V exclusivity requirements                    Ocumetics HSC was required to change corporate identity.