Due to global market instability resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, Macular Protection PLUS is in low supply. We recommend 1 tablet per day of AREDS2 PLUS as a suitable alternative and are pleased to offer the following discount: 1 bottle - $46.00 Dual Pack - $82.00


Q - Where are you based?

A - We are located in British Columbia, Canada.

Q - Where do you ship your products?

A - We ship our products across Canada through Canada Post.

Q - Which product should I use if I have Macular Degeneration?

A - If you are taking injections for Macular Degeneration.  We recommend one         capsule of  Macular Protection PLUS and one capsule of First Line of                   Defence  daily.

Q - I have just started to have Macular Degeneration, which products                should I use?

A - We recommend one capsule of Macular Protection PLUS and one capsule          of  First Line of Defence daily.

Q - I have extreme dry eyes, which product do you recommend?

A - For persistent dry eyes, we recommend using one Dry Eye Formula capsule         and one capsule of First Line of Defence.

Q - I have a family history of Dementia, which product should I use?

A - For brain health; Alzheimers, Dementia and/or family history of these                    conditions/disorders.  We recommend you take First Line of Defence daily.          If you have early stage - Take one macular Protection PLUS and one First          Line of Defence.